Fast Food POS Systems in NZ

The fast food POS system’s role becomes more vital in an industry that is openly competitive and fast-growing as New Zealand’s fast food restaurant segment. Key factors stirring industry growth are the rise of online delivery systems and increased want for more food choices, which is influenced by the global fast food brands and awakened health consciousness among consumers. Ultimately, it’s the fast food point of sale which can address the need for convenience, speed, operational efficiency, and product developments that fast food businesses must continuously face. If you’re an industry player who doesn’t want to miss a bigger bite of the evolving fast food market, investing in fast food POS should definitely form part of your investment priorities.

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Fast Food POS System For Quick Burger Meals

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Fast Food POS System For Quick Burger Meals

Fast Food POS System For Customer Wait Times Management

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Fast Food POS System For Customer Wait Times Management

POS System Tool For Fast Food Management

Speed and efficiency have always been what fast food restaurants are known for. However, Covid-19 has
challenged how fast food shops have been set up in responding to their daily operational requirements beyond
common ordering modes via online & delivery system, takeaway, pickup, and drive-thru.

Indeed, the pandemic has called for more contactless touch points through which fast foods can cater to customer needs better and more quickly. Moreover, the shift towards healthier lifestyle and stiffer competition in convenience foods from retail stores and fast food chains have added up to industry concerns. Certainly, no business technology product other than the POS system can bring fast food businesses to a more flexible and responsive condition that’s made even for crisis management.

Fast Food POS System Elements Necessary For Daily Business

Regardless of what menu items you’re carrying – burgers, pasta, chicken, or foreign-based cuisines, your fast food business will benefit from having an installed Point Of Sale system. A fast food POS is key to having streamlined operations as all your daily activities can be managed from just a single platform. This leaves you longer time for new products development to fine-tune your market positioning and in growing your business in the long term.

The POS system elements, consisting of the POS software, POS hardware machines, and payment processing, all work together to run the daily activities of your fast food business from a central terminal. The POS software can handle the order management process from inputting, processing, and tracking points to eliminate long customer wait times at the front-of-house area. On the other hand, the back-end operations can also be supported by POS software integrations for key functionalities in accounting, inventory management, and human resources, among others.

Meanwhile, the POS system’s main function of payment acceptance and processing is facilitated by the various POS hardware machines like the card readers, cash register, and printer for receipts. Other handy POS machines for frontline and backend support are customer-facing POS screens and kitchen display systems.

POS Hardware For Contactless Payments

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POS Hardware For Contactless Payments

Fast Food Point Of Sale Opportunities

Industry trends even more amplified by the Covid pandemic have molded a brighter outlook for the fast food hospitality segment. Fast food operators who identify these trends are more positioned for growth opportunities while using fast food POS systems.

  • Go Healthy Mindset. The clamor for healthier diet has likewise swept into the fast food industry. More customers have grown open to fast food meal preparations that offer fresher, healthier, and more gourmet inspired twists. Ethical consumption conscious of food sourcing from local and environment-friendly ingredients has likewise found favor from among a number of consumers.Fast food players can showcase new product innovations through an agile POS software that instantly updates changes and additions to menu offerings. POS hardware parts like the digital menu boards and customer-facing terminal displays should also be helpful in informing customers of the ingredients that come with their meals.
  • Increased Digitalization. Fast food restaurants have already been accustomed with online ordering & delivery and drive-thru transactions that rendered them more ready for the pandemic constraints. However, the greater need for other ordering channels which allow contactless interface has surfaced with harsher stay-at-home and border lockdown restrictions. Through a POS system, fast food businesses can manage an expanded range of ordering platforms such as online delivery marketplaces, QR-based apps, and self-service kiosks having the click-collect feature.
Fast Food POS System For Front- and Back-End Operations

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Fast Food POS System For Front- and Back-End Operations

Fast Food POS Features To Consider

Features of a fast food POS system can come to you as a long list especially when you’re new to investing in Point Of Sale. Below are POS system features that you can consider as key to continuous running of your fast food business even during moments of unforeseen disruptions or events.

  • Systematized Online Ordering. Your fast food POS system should allow seamless management of online ordering transactions entered via various access points. Aside from the common in-store POS counter, pick up & delivery, takeaways, and drive-thru, you must leverage digital transactions generated from online ordering through company website or delivery marketplaces, mobile QR-based apps, and self-service ordering kiosks.
  • Managed Orders From Customers. Operational efficiency is especially important to address long periods of wait times during peak service hours. Customer facing display and kitchen display system (KDS) features help erase human errors and ease bottlenecks at the front- and back-of-house operations. There is enhanced clarity and transparency while customer orders are taken and processed.
  • Hassle-free Payments. When your business is on the rush, your payment facilities should offer the widest range of payment options to customers. Regardless of the preferred payment via cash, e-wallet, card, or QR-based data, your customer’s bill settlement should run fluid without any hitch.
  • CRM & Marketing Features. Combined Customer Relations Management (CRM) and marketing functions should translate to better sales achievement. The fusion of these features in your POS system will allow you to enhance communication with your customers database for loyalty marketing campaigns, email blasts, and other digital marketing efforts.
  • Multi-Branch Management. Growing your fast food business is made faster with a set of Point Of Sale features that centrally manages your multiple store locations for various functionalities such as employee management, logistics and inventory management, accounting, and data and analytics reporting.
  • Hardware System. A well-functioning POS system should be powered by compatible POS software and POS hardware. The basic POS hardware should be good enough to start off your fast food operations through an interconnected network of cash register, POS terminal, credit card scanner, and receipt printer.
  • 24/7 Technical & Offline Support. Getting assistance at any hour of the day or night to quickly address any technical glitch is crucial to make way for non-stop transactions. Also of great importance is to have a back up for your internet connection in case it goes down and you’re cut from ongoing customer talks

Fast Food POS Cost Considerations To Think About

Making the final decision on your Point Of Sale investment requires thinking about several considerations. You have to look at your company’s size, business needs, and budget allotment. These points should be addressed by the Point Of Sale features that will be included in your POS machine purchase.

The pricing scheme with a combined flat fee and variable add-ons is usually a practical choice to go with. It gives you the chance to focus on what features really matter first and to adjust later for your additional requirements. It’s advisable to gather at least three supplier POS quote proposals for comparison. When supplier quotes arrive, don’t get glued to the absolute values. Instead, compare the set of features and value solutions that come with each POS quote offer.

The largest chunk commonly goes to the POS hardware so you need to determine the right number of units based on your needs. Next that you should look into are the payment processing fees which can be provided by your POS supplier or third party processing companies.

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