Bar, Pub & Club POS Systems in NZ

The bar, pub & club POS system steps into the space for New Zealand’s vibrant nightlife world. The widely varied pubs, bars and nightclub industry in New Zealand lays grounds for all types of bars that can be found even in the smallest towns. Thus aside from it score function of accepting and processing payments, the POS system can serve as the single business management tool needed by entertainment establishments. If you’re a bar industry operator, you’ll truly consider having Point Of Sale as part of your long-term investment to future-proof your business.

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Bar, Pub & Club POS System Keeps Nightlife Activities In Place

Bar, Pub & ClubPOS System Keeps Nightlife Activities In Place
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Bar, Pub & Club POS System For Managing Business

Much fun and excitement envelop the bar experience that usually, due credit isn’t traced to the complexity entailed in fulfilling the various product and service offerings of bar venues. Included in the list are alcohol drinks, food servings, entertainment, games, dancing, private event hosting, happy hour promos, and more.

Getting overwhelmed by the whirl of activities could be unavoidable, but you may sadly lose focus on your business goals. Using the POS system should avoid these from taking place as business operations can now be managed all at the same time through its all-in-one, centralized platform. Thus, attaining efficiency in operations, serving high quality products and services, and producing awesomely unique guests’ experiences simultaneously don’t appear far-fetched at all.

Bar, Pub & Club POS System For Complex Bar Operations

Bar, Pub & Club POS System For Complex Bar Operations
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Why Bar, Pub & Club POS System Is A Necessary Business Tool

Your Point Of Sale investment should work as a complete business technology tool for managing your company. All elements of the POS system, which includes in its list the POS software, POS hardware, and payment processing, should be instrumental for the efficient management of your bar, pub or club business.

It’s the POS software which should make the system open to integrations with other business software like for HR & workers management, online reservations, inventory monitoring, and happy hour promo events. Such set-up makes way for interconnected yet streamlined activities, without really necessitating extra manpower support.

Meanwhile, the inclusion of all possible suppliers for payment processing should address the call for a worry free and fun experience in your bar, pub, or club. Lastly, the POS hardware machines should handle the payment processing and acceptance with its interconnected parts such as cash register drawers, POS terminals, card readers, and receipt printers.

Bar, Pub & Club Opportunities From POS System

While Covid-19 has appeared so much of a constraint, developments in the bar industry have sprung up. These add to a more positive outlook as territorial bounds are eased more. Entertainment establishments which recognize these industry trends can transform these to real growth prospects while resorting to bar, pub & club POS system for their day-to-day use.

  • Increased Health Consciousness. Towards healthier alcohol consumption has been the direction in recent years alongside the setting of the pandemic and is seen to be the continuous trend. Efforts to produce non-alcoholic drinks and ethically produced beverages based on local, environment-friendly products have gained ground. Wine and food pairing is likewise observed to reduce intoxication levels.Industry operators in the bar industry who have undertaken intensive product developments to expand their menu offerings can capitalize on their progress by showcasing these new items through responsive display boards, customer-facing displays, and detail-oriented inventory control systems.
  • Suburbs On The Rise. With work-from-home alternatives and people’s hesitancy to get into crowds, bars in the suburban sides have experienced business spin from the cities. The chance for local bar operators to convert first-time guests into repeat customers can be facilitated easily via integrated POS software for Customer Relationship Management (CRM), loyalty marketing, and data and reporting.

Bar, Pub & Club POS System Features To Look For

The wonderful nightlife experience in bars made through various consumable and entertainment offerings is the ultimate goal to aim for. However, these should be streamlined to achieve operational efficiency. A swift, flexible, and dependable bar, pub & club POS system with its set of features should come handy for this purpose. Point Of Sale features that will start off your business from the ground up and keep it running even through disruptions are listed below for you to know.

  • Multiple Ordering Platforms. Expand your customers by serving them through various touch points like online orders, e-commerce marketplaces, mobile ordering, and tableside ordering option. These venues put you at total contact with your customers and increase your revenue flows even more.
  • Bar Tabs With Convenient Payment Options. Make payments easy for your customers through a wide list of choices – cash, credit cards, e-wallets, and even bill splitting. Also, having bar tabs available for your guests’ hassle-free repeat transactions will create effortless marketing for you through word-of-mouth.
  • Happy Hour Pricing & Marketing Promos. A POS software that’s adaptive must make way for automatic adjustments on transactional requirements for happy hours, raffle bonanzas, and other marketing blitzes. This takes your mind off from worries about flawed accounting results, sloppy marketing, and disorderly bar operations at the end of the day.
  • Stocks Inventory Management. Keep the good times rolling with a reliable inventory management feature from your POS system. Let bartenders and kitchen staff serve customer orders without worries about out-of-stock situations on your ingredients and supplies. An inventory management system that’s capable of monitoring up to the smallest grain should help get this job done.
Detailed POS System Inventory Management For Bars

Detailed POS System Inventory Management For Bars
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  • Flexible Menu Configuration. Your menu updates on food items and drinks must be accommodated immediately through your customizable POS screen. The same should go for new ingredients added for instant cocktail creations to satisfy customer fancies and preferences.
  • Table Set-up Management. Achieving a fluid guests’ flow through your floor area can really be toxic if you don’t have a table management feature. Knowing which tables are vacant and where to seat your customers quickly will be keys to creating awesome first impressions on your guests. Having a table management facility also comes helpful in fitting your venue lay-out to whatever occasion you may have like live acts, dance contests, or private events.
  • Team Management Feature. Each successful night in your venue is churned out by the various employees – bartenders, waiters, kitchen staff, entertainers, and more. Thus, a team management system which installs order in staff’s schedule, pay-outs, trainings, and security access is crucial for smoothly running your bar.
  • Data Reporting Capability. Real-time generation of data and reports on various aspects of operations is core to sound and prudent management. Without these, you can’t have a timely solution for your business concerns which eventually can blow up to major bottlenecks if not properly addressed.
  • Offline Mode & 24/7 Help Facility. Open hours in bars, pubs or clubs operate differently from the other hospitality segments. A backup for internet interruptions and round-the-clock technical support shall serve well for ensuring a continuous running of your bar operations whether during night time or morning hours.
  • Software & Apps Integrations. A worthy POS system investment should be poised for the future growth your business. It should be adaptive by allowing integrations with business software functionalities such as accounting, loyalty marketing, Customer Relations Management (CRM), and multi-branch management.

Bar, Pub & Club POS System Cost Factors To Consider

You need to make several considerations before you dive into a Point Of Sale investment. The basic concerns involve the financial budget and the POS system features which should match your business needs.

The total cost of your investment shall come from all three POS system elements. Commonly, the POS hardware makes up the biggest chunk as its amount rises as your quantity requirements also increase. On the other hand, the flat rate coupled with add-on costs can be a workable pricing scheme for Point Of Sale software. It allows you to focus on the essentials and lets you add up others as you go along later.

Supplier proposals can be overwhelming so try to assess the total cost against the set of features that go with it. With the swirl of numerous POS features, evaluate what value solution each feature offers to arrive at the list of items that you essentially need.

Get POS System For Bar, Pub & Club Business in NZ

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